Project Description

Guide to integrating people with mental health conditions into work
Hilarión P, Koatz D, et al.
”la Caixa” Incorpora Program of ”la Caixa” Foundation

As part of the Incorpora Program, “la Caixa” Foundation is promoting a project specifically aimed at integrating people with mental health conditions into the work place. This program, developed with the methodological support of the Avedis Donabedian Institute UAB, aims to improve the qualitative and quantitative outcomes of the integration of people with mental health conditions into work by means of tools and resources addressed to employment specialists.

The Guide to integrating people with mental health conditions into work proposes best practices, work methodologies, analytical models and tools to address placement processes for people with mental health conditions. The recommendations place special emphasis on developing the aspects that are the key to successful job placement and retention, both from the point of view of the job-seeker and that of the employer. They also seek to be an instrument to heighten awareness and assist in eliminating the stigma attached to this group of people.


  1. Fidelity Scale
  2. Analysis enhance and limit the inclusion
  3. Assessment interview vocational profile
  4. Assessment interview templates
  5. Form for answering referrals
  6. Form for recording job-search skills
  7. Form Referral to the Employment Service
  8. Form of selective process of follow-up
  9. Checklist handling placement process
  10. Initial intake interview form
  11. Job-matching template
  12. Pathway design template
  13. Pathway follow-up template
  14. Questionnaire on job motivation
  15. Support plan adapted work
  16. Support plan adapted work context
  17. Suggestion Form template
  18. SWOT template for situation analysis
  19. Example of a job proposal
  20. Recording follow-up of job openings
  21. Recording job openings
  22. Checklist good practices with companies
  23. Sample of analysis of the job
  24. Questionnaire satisfaction management job offers
  25. Record card for a collaborating company
  26. Form placement follow-up employer
  27. Template action plan in cas
  28. Agreement between company and worker
  29. Work behaviour inventory
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